Shahani meeting


  • Find original projections
  • Look into curvature code — curvature over meshing?

MATLAB filtering

Here’s all the the stuff Dr. Shahani and I tried.

  1. load the data as images
  2. Only show the Ni
  3. Show the hundredth slice of the 3 phase volume, Ni volume
  4. Generate a data set VNiSm that went through the medfilt3 filter with a kernel [1,1,9] (must be an odd length pixel since it’s a median filter)
  5. *filter in the perpendicular direction to the streaks* –> we saw streaks in the x and y direction, so we filtered along the x
  6. Overlay smoothed on original, check out the difference




Post filtering medfilt3(VNi, [1,1,9])


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