Selected to give a talk!!!

I submitted an abstract (welocal18_randomstructuresabstract-seifF) to several WE Local conferences, and was accepted to the very first one in Tulsa, OK at the end of January!



  1. A graph plotting reduced density vs stiffness
    1. B, Bv2, Bv3 — 3
    2. D, Dv2, Dv3 — 4
    3. H, Hv2, Hv3 — 6
  2. Possibly a comment on the variance of standard deviation given different coordination numbers.


  • Compute results for H and Hv2.
    • I have access to ANSYS, but it is sloooow.  I can do it though, so at least we have that option.
  • Generate figures
  • Make poster
  • Make slides for talk

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