Pay Negotiations

Apply to Unicorn Jobs

  • job descriptions are pipe dreams
  • the first 3-5 bullets are the most important ones
  • apply fitting 60%

Desired Salary is a Negotiation Question

  • leave blank
  • ignore in cover letter

“What I want is not related to what this job should pay.”

  • negotiate even if you are replaceable
  • do not ask if it negotiable
  • timing is important

Determine Compensation

  • credentials, employers’ philosophy & ability to pay, market


  • employer finances — public filings, 990 reports, civic budgets, press releases
  • job market — head hunters

Salary Range

  • women are included in the bell curve, yet statistically they make less –> shift higher!

Don’t Forget Benefits

  • “I’m really excited about the offer, but there are a few things keeping me from saying yes”


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