Jonathan Li 2018/03/29

(A) Running the regular code with if statement at the regular C0 of 0.04. Total Sr content is now decreasing instead of increasing like with C0 = 0.25. The location a couple of grid points below the particle is fluctuating up and down in concentration. I’m worried that this is adversely affecting the accuracy of the data.

(B) Added nesting to the if statement so that it can iterate when below equilibrium concentration, but only when concentration would increase. It looks like it has kept the total concentration fairly in check.

(C) Plotting in 3D reveals that the particles are settling at concentrations above the equilibrium concentrations (and sometimes above 1.0). Going to add another if statement to see how that is affected. So far, the total concentration is less stable than after just adding the first if statement (increasing slightly). Looks like it did not solve the issue of the particle concentration increasing past the equilibrium concentration. On the other hand, it looks like the particle is starting to draw a majority of the concentration from the surface (low surface concentration and equilibrium concentration in the substrate).

(D) Implemented a way to initialize at different contact angles (using a spherical approximation). It looks like it initialized correctly at the proper angle (45 degrees in this case – see attached). The concentration below the particle doesnt decrease as much (only to ~0.088). Turns out that I was plotting the wrong array for my 3D plots so there was no need to implement that second if statement in C. Initial particle may be too small as it shrunk into the substrate, will try adjusting how I initialize the particle. Will have to do this tomorrow though.

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