Idea for configuring the 3-phase tomography data

Qinyuan sent me two sets of tomographic reconstruction slices — one above the Ni absorption edge (shows Ni), and one below (shows YSZ and pores). I’ve been struggling with figuring out how I could possibly recreate her three phase stack of data, and it just occurred to me — simple array addiction.

So if I have one array for the Ni, I’ll set all the Ni values to 1, and everything else to zero.

If I have the other array for YSZ and pores, I’ll set the YSZ value to 2, and the pores to zero.

That should give me two arrays. If I just add them together, I should get the three phases. I mean, theoretically (there will be some issues at the interfaces i.e. what if I designated one point Ni then the same point YSZ — if I add the arrays that point will equal 3), that should give me three phases. The YSZ should remain 2, because I will only be adding it to 0.


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