Avoiding and Recovering from Common Career Mistakes – Alaina Levine

  • Mistake 1:  having misperceptions
    • if I make a mistake in my career …
    • if I make the wrong choice
    • I don’t have a choice
    • I don’t have any power
    • my path is fixed
    • my choices are fixed
    • my value is limited
    • I can’t
  • Mistake 2:  Taking a job “because there’s nothing else to do”
    • you create value = your scientific and engineering know-how
    • you are the ultimate problem solvers
    • you have leadership potential and experience — vision, strategy, execution, enabling success
    • this combination –> substantially more career-advancing options, control over your career


  • excellent problem solvers
  • adaptive and flexible
  • critical thinking and analysis
  • disciplined approach – especially for PhD’s
  • computing skills
  • can solve a problem from the ground up
  • don’t accept things the way they are
  • both holistic and detail-oriented
  • understand how the physical world works
  • project management and teamwork — large scale, diverse, across continents
  • access to huge networks
  • know that your work also has everyday applications


Contact info:  alaina@alainalevine.com

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