My name is Mujan N. Seif, and I am a graduate research assistant working towards a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering at the University of Kentucky. I graduated with my B.S. in MSE from the University of Kentucky in 2017, and spent the 2017-2018 academic working as a research assistant at the University of Michigan. I am deeply passionate about materials science, and am more specifically fascinated with the mechanical properties of structural materials, and, later on down the road, want to study alloy theory and alloy design.  I want to merge the practicality of experimental work with the sheer power of computation - I sincerely believe that the future of exciting materials research is this combination!  I also love teaching and mentoring, and want to bring more young people, especially women and underrepresented groups into engineering.

I use the front end of this site to provide a basic overview of my personal/research history, as well as my current projects, and the back end to store my research notes. Feel free to look around!


Presented at MS&T 2018: I presented my recent work on both discontinuous fiber-reinforced composites and continuous random structures. (15 October 2018)

Joined the Beck Research Group at the University of Kentucky: Officially started grad school! Joined the Beck Research Group as a graduate research assistant studying (1) the surface of scandate cathodes and (2) continuing the work I started as an undergrad on random structures. (28 April 2018)

Presented at MRS Spring Meeting:  I gave my first talk at a major materials conference! I presented my current work -- phase field modeling of LSCF coarsening in SOFC electrodes. (4 April 2018)


Presented at WE Local - Tulsa:  I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Collegiate Competition at WE Local - Tulsa. I presented research from my last year at Kentucky, in the form of a poster and talk (my very first real research talk!). I’m happy to share that I finished second out of the five finalists! [Side note: 4/5 presented some kind of materials research 😉] (26 January 2018)

Selected Graduate Programming Coordinator-Elect of society-level GradSWE:  I've been selected national GradSWE’s Graduate Programming Coordinator - Elect (‘18) and GPC (‘19). Essentially I will help decide what sessions/events we have for graduate students at society level conference.  (11 January 2018)

First Paper Officially in Print:  What started out as an independent study more than two years ago turned into my very first academic paper! (18 December 2017)

Started Work at the University of Michigan:  Joined Dr. Katsuyo Thornton's Computational Materials Science Group at the UM!  I'll be using phase field modeling to study microstructures evolution and strontium segregation in LSCF Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. (4 August 2017)

Visited LBNL for the First Time:  Had the chance to check out some of the microscopy and spectroscopy facilities at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, as well as visit the Materials Department at UC Berkeley! (31 July 2017)

Attended Integrated Computational Materials Education Summer School:  I learned the underlying theory of several computational materials techniques (including DFT, MD, FEA) and then worked through relevant example problems, networked with the attendees and instructors (who spanned all levels of academia), and even got to lecture on computational thermodynamics! (5-16 June 2017)


Random Structures

An investigation of the mechanical properties of computer-generated random structures.

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Surfaces of Scandate Cathodes

Calculations that characterize the surface of scandate cathodes at high operating temperatures.

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Preparing for WE18/WE19 as GradSWE's Graduate Programming Coordinator.

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